How Much Do Property Managers Charge Per Month In San Diego?

How much do property managers charge per month In San Diego?
There are two types of fee structures. You have a percentage-based fee, or you can have what they call a flat monthly fee.
The percentage-based fee is a variable of the total income that comes in per month. The property manager will charge a fee based on a percentage of that. Depending on what is being managed, that will give you a greater indication of what that fee is.
Typically, if it’s going to be large apartment buildings, let’s say a hundred units or more, you’re most likely going to be charged right around five and a half to 6%. If it’s a much smaller building, let’s say it’s like 50 units or below, you’re going be closer to like 7% to uh, 8%.
Single family homes, because those are so much more hands on, you have a lot more turnover. You are most likely going to be charged anywhere between eight to 10% per month on the single family.
Just to make sure I fully answer that question, how much do they charge per month?
It can either be a percentage based on the total income that’s generated or it can be a flat fee that does not change or is non-variable and it’s just a fee that you pay every month for the service.

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