We produce a large-scale, extensive web presence for your property. We do this by placing your property on many popular rental websites that will allow for a larger-scale of clients to view your property.

Tenants Screening

The Phillips Group Management team only place the best possible tenants in your property. We have many procedures that help eliminate problem tenants prior to ever renting to them. Our goal in this entire process is to place the right tenant


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Your property will be assigned a specific management team that specializes in the area your property is located. Our managers have years of industry experience and have a broad range of procedures to shield owners from unnecessary liability and help tenants comfortable during the process.


We outsource much of your property’s maintenance needs to a preferred list of vendors, many of which we have been using for years.


Our accounting department provides owners with monthly financial statements, that will be constantly posted to your owner web portal. If you ever have any questions regarding your statement, you can always contact one of our helpful accounting staff members.