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Benefits of Working With The Phillips Group

  • We rent homes faster than any other company, saving owners money
  • We use a custom lease agreement, ensuring greater protection
  • We inspect the home annually, protecting the owner’s investment
  • We perform a rental property analysis annually, making the owner more money
  • We have 24/7 maintenance, protecting the property and saving money
  • Professional photography for stronger marketing and less vacancy
  • Extensive tenant screening for better tenants
  • We are NARPM members, giving owners’ confidence
  • Pet Fee Guarantee, saving owners money
  • Eviction Guarantee, giving owner’s peace of mind
  • 21 Day Rental Guarantee, saving owners money

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Management, Marketing and Visibility Features


You will find that The Phillips Group Management team is the most advanced management company in our market and our management services are consistently updated to meet the challenging demands of the marketplace

The Phillips Group Management offers full leasing, marketing, management, and accounting for both residential and commercial real estate investments.
Your property is an investment, and you can trust our team to focus on profit while freeing you of the day-to-day headaches associated with rental property management.

Modern Property Management Tools:
The Phillips Group uses the number one rated property management program making it fast, easy and convenient for our home owners and tenants.

Marketing & Visibility

Virtual Tours & High Quality Photos Premium Marketing on Major Rental Sites
 7 Days Showing Access &    Support for Prospective Tenants
Thorough Tenant & Pet Screening
Renters Insurance Verification
Move-in and Move-out Inspections, Reports, and Photos
Lease Preparation, Negotiation, Signing and Lease Enforcement
Rent Collection
Maintenance Troubleshooting & Coordination
24/7 Maintenance Emergency Response
Maintenance Vendor Payment Coordination
Utility Coordination
Online Monthly & Annual Financial Statements
Money-back guarantee

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Property Management FAQ.

Answer: A property management company is responsible for managing rental properties on behalf of the property owner. Their services may include finding and screening tenants, collecting rent, handling maintenance requests, enforcing lease agreements, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Answer: The cost of hiring a property management company can vary depending on several factors such as the size and location of the property, as well as the specific services required. Typically, fees range from 8% to 12% of the monthly rental income generated by the managed properties.

Answer: Yes, many property management companies allow owners to have input in tenant selection. However, they handle initial screenings based on predetermined criteria such as credit checks, employment verification, background checks etc., to ensure qualified applicants are presented for final approval by the own

Answer: Property managers typically have established relationships with reliable contractors and vendors who offer competitive pricing for necessary repairs or maintenance tasks. They coordinate all aspects involved in scheduling repairs or performing routine inspections while also providing an emergency response system for urgent situations.

Answer: Most contracts with professional firms stipulate an agreed-upon termination notice period which allows both parties sufficient time to transition responsibilities smoothly without disrupting ongoing operations or leaving vacancies unattended abruptly.