What Are The Different Types Of Property Management?

So there are basically four types of property management.

But there are subcategories under each of these types.
So the first one obviously is, Residential. Then you have Commercial, then you have, Industrial and, after industrial you have like your Special Purpose,”special use type of, buildings and property management”.

One of the, the largest categories is going to be the residential and, commercial; There’s a lot of things that fall under these two. So, under residential you’ll have, your various types of, single family versus multi-family.

So you have one single home, or you have apartments underneath that. You can have condos, town homes, homes that aren’t touching or detached or separated, within that category as well. You can also have, vacation rentals, because each type of management can be either long term or short term., you have obviously your apartments, which is a place where, you know, multiple people live and you’re in charge of managing that building as well as all the members that pay rent inside that apartment complex per month. And all the things that come along with having tenants.

Commercial, is a total different type of entity. So your commercial, kind of fall into the three categories of, have your, office space, you have your, medical, facility rentals, which can fall under office space as well.

Just recapping what are the four types of property management? You have residential, you have commercial, you have industrial, and your special purpose. Your special purpose would be, very simply like, a church facility or a place of worship or a stadium. you also have, property management that can be done on a educational facility such as the dorms in, colleges.


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